03 marca 2017

VR is a real revolution in the world of computer games but the use of virtual reality, although many people associate it mainly with gaming, goes far beyond that. It may be used for loads of purposes. Check the seven ideas we consider the best.



See your future home


Virtual reality is often used in the real estate industry by companies selling or renting out premises. Thanks to that, sitting in our own four corners, without moving, we can see several flats or houses located in distant locations, explore the rooms, feel the atmosphere inside or check out the view from the window. We might also go further and take a virtual walk through a house which has not yet been built, a house that is in the project phase. Sometimes it is hard to imagine exactly what our 'new socket' would look like relying only on plans, but now we can have everything we need given to us on a plate.



Virtual cars


Car designers have been using simulations for years but new technologies allow them to go one step further. This is the path Ford Motor Company, one of the largest car companies in the world, decided to take. They use VR at the design stage of a new car. Thanks to VR, before a prototype is created, the individual who is involved in the work of the prototype can have a seat inside the vehicle.




Wirtualne zakupy



At the scene of the crime


Another idea is to use virtual reality in criminology and the judiciary. If the police have the right equipment, they can create a three-dimensional map of the crime scene, which will allow you to check the details long after it has been cleared. Researchers from the University of Zurich are also working on the possibility of presenting the judges with the VR, so they can look at the issue from a completely different perspective - as if they were at the center of the action.


Surgery in VR


VR can also be used in medicine. With this technology we have the opportunity to record a surgery so that a person who watches the film feels like a working surgeon and can literally look at his or her hands. This may be a particularly useful tool for young doctors who can participate in the simulation of a surgery.



The art of public speeches


Many people find it hard to give public speeches, feel uncomfortable during them, and simply cannot imagine talking to the crowd. In this case, practice makes perfect, but it would be difficult to fill a conference room just because we are going to work on our oratory skills. A great solution is to use VR to help us.


Space robots


Finally, we have an idea that may sound like taken from a science fiction movie. NASA and Sony are working on the use of VR to control humanoid robots to be sent to space instead of humans. These robots will be exploring space on our behalf, controlled by a group of people using the virtual reality.



The use of virtual reality can affect many areas and sometimes it even surprises people with a wide imagination. Our imagination is the only limit and it is worth to look to the future with the use of VR headsets. At Qverty we work with this technology, creating business applications and more. We invite you to cooperate with us!


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