28 marca 2017

At Qverty VR & AR Software House we believe that learning should go along with entertainment. It is a fact that a relaxed mind is able to absorb much more information so why not use this effect for promotion and as a means to increase brand awareness? The tool that will perfectly work in this case will make the audience impressed and surely they will not forget it for a very long time. This tool is augmented reality (AR). Here are some suggestions on the use of it which work well both for entertainment and marketing purposes.


Magic business card


An ordinary business card is less likely to impress potential customers, who tend to hide it quickly in their pockets and then forget about it just as quickly. With AR technology we are able to transform it into a unique gadget that everyone will praise and chat about while at the same time promoting our company. It is simple and very impressive.




Virtual Uber


Our team is able to realise not only simple ideas like the one above, but also to design much more demanding projects and applications using AR technology. Our ideas are the only limitation. For instance, an interesting initiative was presented by the Uber Company who organised an unusual event at the Zurich train station and transferred their passengers to another world. We are convinced that some of the people who took part in this game or watched the video (which has more than one million views) are today loyal customers of Uber. The aforementioned idea impressed us greatly and we admit that we would love to make a similar project.



What is inside my box?


The event organised by LEGO is a perfect example of the use of augmented reality for sale. A few years ago, it installed special screens in selected showrooms. These screens were presenting 3D models of a fully assembled kit. Such a solution helps customers make their decision and at the same time it is an interesting experience for children and parents.



Unusual instruction manual


At LEGO they know it well that nowadays, if we want to stand out from the competition, we have to offer our customers something more than the product itself. The augmented reality works well in this case because it provides additional sensation and at the same time strongly refers to our offer. Another interesting way to use it can be, for example, an unusual instruction manual. We no longer need to waste our time reading long manuals because now everything is just so easily accessible.



A virtual changing room


And why not create an innovative application using AR technology and make it easier for customers to make their purchasing decisions? A great example is the app designed especially for Converse Company, which gives its users the opportunity to try on various shoes online, take a photo, share it with friends, ask for their opinion and finally buy the product of their choice.



Save your time - try on clothes in VR


The Converse company has proven that its possible to virtually try on shoes, so why not use the full potential of this technology and transfer the whole changing room to AR? The American apparel brand Timberland used this idea and provided its potential customers with an unusual attraction, allowing them to try on clothes in a virtual mirror. It is worth adding that the event was held in Mokotów Shopping Centre in Warsaw.



IKEA at your home


Changing clothes in VR is fun, but frankly speaking it is not a big problem when visiting a store in real. In turn, it is completely different when we wish to 'try on' a piece of furniture at our own house. IKEA decided to meet this expectations and thanks to a AR application we have the opportunity to check whether a particular sofa will fit in the living room or if a table will fit into the dining room.





The above video looks beautiful but in reality the app is not so intuitive and we think it needs some improvements. Nevertheless, Ikea points to certain directions, uses new technologies and meets clients, providing them with fun and making them see beyond. This is the great potential of augmented reality and that is what the professionals at Qverty VR & AR Agency do every day. So if you have any ideas for the use of the virtual world to promote your product or brand , a vision similar to those presented above or completely different, contact us. We will be happy to take up this challenge.





       Jakub Machała - Journalist, copywriter, e-marketing specialist.


      A new technology lover who still remembers the times of cassette tapes.
      He enjoys good music, good literature and nice people.

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