22 marca 2017

The real estate industry requires a great deal of imagination which is essential at every stage of property development - from building design to interior finishing. The ability to visualise specific ideas is therefore a great enhancement for creators, contractors and customers. Now this visualisation can take place at a completely different level, because augmented reality allows us to see buildings with all the details and, thanks to virtual reality, we are able to walk inside before they are actually built or. This is the path that the entire real estate sector will certainly follow.




A real project in a virtual world


At the very beginning of each project there is a vision in the mind of an architect and his or her task is to convince potential investors to this idea. However,  we should bear in mind that even the best idea, if not displayed in an interesting and creative way, will surely not bring potential clients to us. We can present the project in a classic way, but if we want to show it in full glory, it is worth to create a mock-up, and not an ordinary one but a mock-up which will use the full potential of augmented reality. We just need a regular tablet and dedicated software - similar applications are also created by Qverty VR & AR agency software architects.




Of course, the architect's vision may be the most daring, but if the building is to stand for long years, you need a design project, and this is the job for a team of qualified engineers. By analising their work contractors know what exactly has to be done, what kind of material and how much of it they have to use. For years, 3D visualizations have been a helpful tool, but thanks to technological advances any limitations gradually disappear. Today, with the use of AR glasses, construction workers can have access to plans at their fingertips, which makes their work much easier, saves time and reduces materials consumption.





Design emerging interiors


The construction phase itself is less interesting for the final recipient than the visualisation of the interior of the building before its foundations are laid. New technologies allow us to enter the virtual world where our new home has just been built and we can take care of the furnishing by choosing specific options and checking whether the colour of the floor would match the colours of the walls, as well as the colours of the given pieces of furniture. It is an ideal solution for people who are impatient and a great way to test the potential of virtual reality. Virtual reality technology specialists from Qverty VR & AR Studio can make a dedicated virtual visualisation that surely will match your specific needs.




Furnish your apartment online


VR and AR can also greatly facilitate the process of furnishing an existing home or an apartment. Let's imagine that we are considering buying three couches but we do not know which one would fit best in our living room. In this case we are forced to use our imagination or to try each of the couches in turns and then compare the effects. But there is also another possibility as we might apply a dedicated AR application and do it virtually and effortlessly. Which option seems the easiest?



Virtual tours


Virtual reality and augmented reality are also used by developers and real estate agencies that want to sell or rent a particular apartment. In this case the potential customers do not have to physically visit the places they consider buying, but they take a virtual walk inside of them, learning the room layout, seeing the furniture and the view from the window. With  VR technology we can now explore a few places without the necessity to move anywhere. Now it is possible to see any interior, seated in our favourite seat and being at the other end of the city, country... or anywhere else. The future is here.


Branża nieruchomości daje mnóstwo możliwości na wykorzystanie VR i AR, dzięki nowym technologiom znikają kolejne ograniczenia, a pomysły może ograniczać jedynie nasza wyobraźnia. Rozszerzona rzeczywistość oraz rzeczywistość wirtualna stały się narzędziami znacznie usprawniającymi proces budowy oraz sprzedaży i urządzania domów i mieszkań.  Software house specjalizuje się w realizacji podobnych projektów. Jeżeli zatem chcecie stworzyć swój własny, wirtualny świat zapraszamy do kontaktu ( oraz zapoznania się z naszym portfolio na stronie


The real estate industry gives us a broad range of opportunities to use VR and AR, and thanks to new technology subsequent limitations disappear. It seems like now our own imagination is the only limit. Augmented reality and virtual reality have become tools which significantly facilitate and improve construction, sales and the management of homes and apartments. Qverty VR & AR software house specialises in the implementation of analogous projects, so if you want to create your own virtual world, please contact us ( and get acquainted with our portfolio at

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