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Virtual reality, since its appearance on the market, has enjoyed a great deal of interest in any well-known brand or large corporation seeking to exploit the potential of this technology. Already it is certain that VR may lead to turbulence and turmoil on the marketing, advertising and e-commerce markets, as it will change the way consumers perceive products.


The prospect of promotion in VR has been very strong since Facebook took over Oculus for 2 billion $ in 2014. Today it is certain that this acquisition triggered market turmoil and confirmed that VR will soon enter many industries, including advertising.


Despite the growing interest in VR technology, still many people are unaware of what VR is and how it can be used in their strategies. We would like to resolve any doubts and give examples of the use of virtual reality by brands for promotion. We hope that we might inspire somebody to expand their business with the use of latest available technology.


1. Uber - Tigers at the Main Hall of the Zurich Rail Station


Uber came up with a great concept to get potential customers’ attention by transferring them to a virtual jungle using AR technology. We are sure that no one has gone past such an event indifferently because it is not often possible to take a photo of a tiger, while we are waiting for our train to depart. The video coverage from the event has 1 109 480 views on youtube.




2. Volvo - Virtual Ride Inside the New Volvo Car


Is it possible to get inside the new Volvo car and drive it without having to pay a large sum of money? Of course it is, as with virtual reality you no longer need to save money to make your dreams come true - you do not even need a driving license! The Volvo company knows perfectly well that visualization can have so much influence on the imagination of its customers that they will eventually buy the product. That's why Volvo, while promoting its latest model, focused on visualisation of a test drive, with the use of Google Cardboard goggles.


256 398 views on youtube




3. Boursin - Brand Promotion Presenting a Refrigerator Full of Boursin Products


What makes the VR goggle users impressed is certainly the virtual roller coaster. And what if someone combined this highly productive customer experience with product presentation? This is exactly what Boursin did by transferring potential customers to a refrigerator full of Boursin products. We move on to the future of marketing …


148 881 views



4. IKEA - Virtually Try Furniture at Your Home



Having the opportunity to try out a product before buying it is a great convenience and it certainly helps customers make better purchasing decisions. But what should we do when we need to check how the new sofa fits in our living room? The solution was offered by IKEA, which allowed its customers to virtually display the furniture in their apartment. In this app we have the opportunity to check whether the new sofa will fit well with our new color walls, or whether we have enough room for a new table.


1 257 578 views



5. The Patron Spirits Company app - A Unique Way to Present Product Design and Manufacturing


The Patrón Spirits Company, producer of high-quality tequila, may not be the main beneficiary of VR marketing, but it created something amazing with the use of state of the art technology. Patron released the power of VR for storytelling purposes. Using animation and 360 technology they led their customers to a journey from the fields of Agawa to an elegant party where they could try the final product. Is there a better way to present even the most intricate manufacturing process?



6. Merrell - a virtual walk in the heights

In order to support the launch of the new model of trekking shoes, Merrel footwear company created a VR experience. Trailscape takes its users on a dangerous mountain trek. Participants walk on a specially constructed installation and experience a new level of immersion through hiking on steep slopes in the mountains, passing over footbridge a few hundred meters above the ground or using ropes and chains. This experience shows us where we can get and what we can experience with the help of Merrel's new shoes.





Uber, Volvo and IKEA are all examples of brands that seem to have found the ideal way to release the potential of Virtual Reality in marketing.

VR technology has a significant impact on customers’ awareness and stays in their memories for a long time. If you and your company would like to attract new customers or encourage recent customers to buy more, contact Qverty VR & AR Software House.


6 Examples of How Brands Use Virtual Reality









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