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with the first VR Gravity Tunnel





About the Gravity Tunnel

We prepared for you something extraordinary. This is the next level of entertainment – you can immerse yourself in space and let your mind float for a while.

Sounds cool? Let us explain!

Gravity Tunnel is an interactive VR-based game in which you may test your balance with our specially prepared set of levels.

Your playground will be vast and unbounded space. Watch out and try not to fall!

Gravity Tunnel Trailer

Watch the trailer below and get inside the Gravity Tunnel 

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What we offer is a chance of stepping into a gravity tunnel – you will experience deprivation from external world and a feeling of gravity loss. This is going to be a really crazy trial for your brain and senses! Don’t be afraid, it’s just a simulation – you may feel a little dizzy at the end, but the path through the tunnel is simple. If you succeed, you may advance to next, more challenging levels of Gravity Tunnel.

Intuitive virtual environment


Step into the simulation. Take your time, don't rush – look around and admire the stars. Don't look down if you are afraid of heights!

Retro graphics


You can really FEEL the vastness of space thanks to unique HD-resolution graphics typical for arcade-gaming. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Levels with different obstacles


It gets more and more challenging as you proceed! Your dexterity will be put to test. Can you beat all the levels?


Two game modes


Without controlers and with leg controlers – try both ways to play the game, it's different everytime!

Start your cosmic adventure

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