Organisation of conferences or fairs requires us to constantly surprise our clients and seek for novelties that will help us focus their attention on a particular product and show them our innovative approach to promotion and marketing. If our aim is to impress the audience, we have to look for some interesting, sometimes unconventional solutions that will remain in their memory for long time. We can achieve this with the help of augmented and virtual reality software tailored to the needs of the event industry. How should we use it to create a 'WOW effect'? Here are some suggestions.


1. Product presentation using VR


Product presentation is one of the most important elements of promotion on fairs because that is the main reason of our participation, as we simply want to boast our offer. However, what if we are, for example, a producer of powerful agricultural machines or want to showcase several models of cars and have limited space? A great solution might be virtual reality (VR), thanks to which, after setting up special goggles we can transfer ourselves to the virtual world and admire even the biggest or the most complicated product without any limitations. It also works the other way round as we can also present small products (such as microchips) and thanks to the VR technology we can now observe them in magnification. Such presentations at trade fairs or other events are becoming more and more popular.




2. Product presentation in augmented reality


Apart from special goggles or headsets we can also use a classic smartphone or tablet to present a given product in augmented reality (AR). In this case, a specific item will appear on the screen allowing us to present not only its appearance and dimensions, but also the possibilities it brings. With this technology, the space around us adjusts to us and our needs, not the other way around.


3. Use the augmented reality during your presentation


AR is also a perfect tool for public speeches, presentations, training, etc. It is well known that one image is worth more than a thousand words. Why not take advantage of this type of solution to create visualisations that will stay in the minds of the public for a long time and make even the most complex subjects clear and understandable? 



4. Meeting in virtual space


Virtual reality in the event industry also allows you to organize meetings with people who are physically located in a completely different place. Using 360-degree cameras we can make people who are on the other end of the world feel like they were at the center of our events. We can benefit from this technology during a large corporate event or for example when organizing a press conference for journalists from around the world. This makes the distance no longer relevant.





5. Virtual avatars


Let's go one step further and meet in the virtual world with the ability to look in each other's eyes. It is more than possible and we are limited only by our own imagination. During one of his conferences Mark Zuckenberg, the creator of Facebook, met with... virtual avatars of his co-workers. The video below proves that technology allows us to shape reality freely and effortlessly - at least the virtual.


6. Virtual training


Whenever we really want to learn something, we mustn't rely solely on theory as most of the learning comes from practice - in this case VR also provides a wide range of opportunities. Such technology is perfect for training, as it allows a thorough explanation of certain processes and a relatively easy and affordable empirical transfer of knowledge.





7. Pure fun



VR can simply mean good fun, letting us provide users with a game that will allow them to explore unknown worlds, or prepare an industry-specific attraction that will allow its users to experience adventure in virtual reality. An interesting example here is the event organised at Lufthansa's trade show, during which their customers had an opportunity to live an extraordinary journey.



The use of augmented and virtual reality in the event industry carries plenty of opportunities and the above examples are just a sneak peek of the wide range of opportunities lying ahead. If you are looking for similar solutions, contact us - Qverty VR & AR Studio specialises in VR and AR projects tailored to you and your customers' needs. 


       Jakub Machała -  Journalist, copywriter, e-marketing specialist.

      A new technology lover who still remembers the times of cassette tapes.
      He enjoys good music, good literature and nice people. 

7 Ideas for the Use of VR and AR in the Event Industry









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